Tyger, tyger burning bright.
—Willam Blake, The Tyger

Sparking Memories: The Alzheimer’s Poetry Project Anthology

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • With Respect: Why Caregiving Matters—Ruth Dennis, MFA, MA
  • Improving Physical and Mental Health: The Role of Cultural Arts—Dr. Kristen Sorocco
  • Lillian Bassman Dank’s Response to “Time to Rise.”


  1. The TygerWilliam Blake
  2. Sonnet 18—William Shakespeare
  3. The Owl and the Pussy Cat—Edward Lear
  4. Children—Anonymous
  5. Wynken, Blynken, and Nod—Eugene Field
  6. How do I Love Thee?Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  7. Barter—Sara Teasdale
  8. Purple Cow—Gelette Burgess
  9. Speak the speech—William Shakespeare
  10. Jabberwocky—Lewis Carroll
  11. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair—Stephen Foster
  12. Bed in Summer—Robert Louis Stevenson
  13. DaffodilsWilliam Wordsworth
  14. Spring—William Shakespeare
  15. The Raven—Edgar Allen Poe
  16. O Blush Not So!—John Keats
  17. First Time He Kissed Me—Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  18. Double, double, toil and trouble—William Shakespeare
  19. The Arrow and the SongHenry Wadsworth Longfellow
  20. A Dream within a Dream—Edgar Allen Poe
  21. Rock Me to Sleep—Elizabeth Akers Allen
  22. Answer to a Child’s Question—Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  23. She Walks in Beauty—Lord Byron
  24. A Red, Red Rose—Robert Burns
  25. Annabel Lee—Edgar Allen Poe
  26. Alas, poor Yorick! —William Shakespeare
  27. Swift Things are Beautiful—Elizabeth Coatsworth
  28. The Crocodile—Lewis Carrol
  29. The Eagle—Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  30. Fog—Carl Sandberg
  31. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  32. My Heart Leaps up When I Behold—William Wordsworth
  33. Yankee Doodle—Anonymous
  34. The Star—Jane Taylor
  35. The Frog—Hilare Belloc
  36. Mr. Nobody—Anonymous
  37. The Bells—Edgar Allen Poe
  38. Friends, Romans, countrymen—William Shakespeare
  39. Woodman, Spare That Tree!—George Pope Morris
  40. Do you Carrot all for Me?Anonymous
  41. The Walrus and The Carpenter-Lewis Carroll
  42. Casey At The Bat —Ernest L. Thayer
  43. Love and Friendship-Emily Bronte
  44. Billy Boy—Anonymous
  45. The Children’s Hour—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  46. A Little Learning—Alexander Pope
  47. The Sea and the Skylark—Gerard Manley Hopkins
  48. I Remember, I Remember—Thomas Hood
  49. The Moon—Robert Louis Stevenson
  50. The Swing—Robert Louis Stevenson
  51. Uphill—Christina Rossetti
  52. As Kingfishers Catch Fire—Gerard Manley Hopkins
  53. Ariel’s Song—William Shakespeare
  54. Sonnet 8-William Shakespeare
  55. The Passionate Shepherd to His Love—Christopher Marlowe
  56. On His Blindness—John Milton
  57. To be, or not to be—William Shakespeare
  58. The Way Through the Woods—Rudyard Kipling
  59. If—Rudyard Kipling
  60. To Celia—Ben Jonson
  61. Ode to a Nightingale—John Keats
  62. Song of Myself—Walt Whitman
  63. Sweet and Low—Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  64. Sonnet 14—William Shakespeare
  65. Kubla Khan—Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  66. Psalm 23
  • Index of First Lines
  • Editor’s Bio and closing poem: Sonnet 71—William Shakespeare
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