On a roof in the Old City
Laundry hanging in the late afternoon sunlight:
The white sheet of a woman who is my enemy,
The towel of a man who is my enemy,
To wipe off the sweat of his brow.

A kite.
At the other end of the string,
A child
I can't see
Because of the wall.

We have put up many flags,
They have put up many flags.
To make us think that they're happy.
To make them think that we're happy.

-Yehuda Amichai

Hebrew and Yiddish Programming

APP is happy to announce the start of a pilot project in Brooklyn, to better serve people living with dementia whose first languages are Hebrew or Yiddish. More information of programming soon. We will be working with among other facilities Ateret Avot of Midwood.

Julian Taub

Hebrew and Yiddish Language Program Director, Julian Taub
Taub is a New York born performance poet. He lived in Israel for one year when he was eighteen, where he wrote his first poem, I'Bat Tzion Etga'age'a (To the Daughter of Zion, for Whom I Yearn). In 2007, he moved from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to the East Village and has been performing his poetry in local venues ever since. His first book of poems titled Kilel u-Birekh b'Dibur Ekhad (We Curse and Bless in the Same Breath) was published in 2009.

Poems we will be experimenting with in the pilot project include:

Jerusalem- Yehuda Amichai
With My Grandfather- Zelda
The Field- Solomon Ibn Gabirol
I Look for You- Solomon Ibn Gabirol
Moon- Nathan Alterman
Woman's Song- Esther Raab
Dror Yikra- Dunash ben Labrat
On a Summer's Day- Chaim Nachman Bialik
Take Me Under Your Wing- Chaim Nachman Bialik
Blessed Are They Who Sow and Do Not Reap- Avraham ben Yitzhak

Raisins and Almonds- Abraham Goldfaden
Oyfn Pripetchik-M.M. Warshawsky
Stars- Miriam Ulinover
Ring- Miriam Ulinover
A Little Fish- Menke Katz

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